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Project War Mobile Mod APK v1130 (Mega Menu)

Project War Mobile is a super product that combines modern shooting with bold action. The battles will mark everyone’s efforts as well as teamwork. Try to fight and win the right to take over the city in the future.

Information of Project War Mobile

13 Jun, 2020
Last version
Goblin Gamer Company Ltd.
Mega Menu
Compatible with
with Android 5.1+
Google Play Link

About Project War Mobile

Welcome to the world of rebellion and bombardment called Project War Mobile. This unique shooting action game will help you explore part of the creepy panorama. Players will have the task of shooting those cold-blooded zombies and turning the situation around. The game always creates impressions by attractive shapes, the growth of the characters, and the sounds that create their own exciting features. Be a brave warrior to overcome all challenges.


Before, you were a soulless corpse and gradually lost direction in this life. But thanks to the advancement of science and advanced inventions, you have become a highly influential agent. You return to the city and witness a zombie apocalypse. Of course, with a child of the city, you will not be left alone and see all the people being attacked by zombies. Zombies grow like that because a dose of vaccine has been infected with bacteria and gradually forms a series of zombies like that.

This war will take a lot of time, and the growth of zombies is being shown day by day. Thanks to that, the zombies thrived, and the people in the city were witnessing the approaching danger. Quickly send people to flee to leave the city like that. After you have rescued them all, you should also return to the city to carry out this destruction bombardment.


You alone will not have enough strength to fight all the zombies in the city. So let’s form a group of people with undying strength to fight with you to the end. The people in the city will help you in forming this army because they are the ones who know the zombies best. The game will provide all with high-class guns to kill all zombies.

This war will take place in many aspects and must be balanced to fight. The zombies are growing day by day, and you need to move quickly. Project War Mobile provides you with armor plates that can block the poisonous gas created by them. A variety of guns, ammo, including modern bombs, will serve the war. Use helicopters to spread fire rays to burn their lair.


To be as successful as they are now, players must overcome thousands of critical difficulties. Players will almost certainly be trapped in their own lair. And they’ve already detected the odor of your blood. You must utilize stealth to hide and escape fast in order to face the next test.

Or there are fierce attacks because their clues already possess an undying power. They are bloodthirsty, and they will defy any despicable means to get us. We also have a situation where we have lost contact with the army, and now it is only you to face it all. Use the gun in the form of rapid-fire to destroy them and make an escape before they come to an end.

Project War Mobile brings thousands of challenges and great success to you through this. Each person will have a task, and we must try to fight hard to win. Completely destroy the evil zombies that the goal that the game gives us. Be a brave warrior who can hold a gun to fight them.

– Take on a series of significant challenges in the game to test your fighting prowess.
– Combine with all your teammates to fight with formidable collective power.
– Use the guns in the game in the most professional way.
– Upgrade power and accompanying weapons.
– Shoot down and kill all the zombies included in the game’s challenge.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to install Project War Mobile _1130 .apk?

Once you've downloaded the APK file, click on the downloaded file, then hit the "Install" button.

How to fix problems while installing/opening?

Make sure you have downloaded the file correctly. The downloaded file extension must end with .apk file. If you face any package install error, redownloading the file may fix the issue.

How to update APK without losing the data?

To update APK without losing the data, you don't need to follow anything extra. Click on the downloaded APK file and click the "Install" button. The app will update automatically without loss of data.

I am getting Play Protect warning while installing!

Why the download speed is slow?

The download link is not working?

Download Project War Mobile MOD APK for Android

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