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Last Pirate: Island Survival Mod APK v1.4.12 (Menu/God Mode, Money)

Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is a survival and pirate game for those who taste adventure, discovery, and adventure. You will get lost in the

Information of Last Pirate: Island Survival

21 Jan, 2020
Last version
RetroStyle Games UA
Menu/God Mode, Money
Compatible with
with Android 5.1+
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About Last Pirate: Island Survival

Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is a survival and pirate game for those who taste adventure, discovery, and adventure. You will get lost in the game world most authentically and, of course, talk about life. If you survive, you will not be provided with any tools or any food; to survive, you have to find food by yourself as well as create simple tools as a stepping stone for long survival on this dangerous deserted island.


Starting with the game, the game will take you to a deserted island, isolated from the outside world. The hidden wild island contains countless dangers lurking. Your job is not to be afraid, and if you don’t want to die on this mysterious deserted island, you must first find water and food, use the streams in the forest to get water and make a simple raft to catch—fish as food to provide energy for the next day.

You also have to deal with dangerous things like Godzilla, ferocious bears that want to eat you, and zombies that will threaten your life at night. It’s time to fight like a warrior. To survive, you need to do everything to defeat them. Make an ax or any other item found on the island as a weapon.


After a long time of fighting fear and hunger, you are now a person with high survival skills. From there, you understand that new survival challenges are waiting for you in front of you, and continuing difficulties will come to challenge you. The game gives you the feeling of being a real nomad, having to find food and water, make a raft to catch fish, have to make a weapon to chase monsters, etc. Gradually you know how to make an accommodation, and you know that his primary goal is to survive.

With the experience in Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure, you can ultimately build your own survival skills in real life. From applying what you have experienced in the game to form you great life skills. You know how to do everything to prolong life to the last days.


With graphics that give you a real-life experience, accompanied by sounds that represent the truth from the character’s breathing, gestures, survival actions to the sound of the sea, the murky forest, and the monsters barbaric animals will make you feel more interesting, more attractive when immersing in the game. Along with new features like in-game shops and items, new hazards added, new island bosses, added currency, crafting balance adjustments, extras, new costumes, and antidotes.

Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is really worth the experience. It’s time to become a true survival expert. The game style creates the authenticity of the images and sounds of the surrounding scenery and the characters that make the player feel caught up in the game and like being transformed into the main character in the game. Improve player survival through this game. Download the game now to show your talented survival ability, prolonging life until the last days.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to install Last Pirate: Island Survival _1.4.12 .apk?

Once you've downloaded the APK file, click on the downloaded file, then hit the "Install" button.

How to fix problems while installing/opening?

Make sure you have downloaded the file correctly. The downloaded file extension must end with .apk file. If you face any package install error, redownloading the file may fix the issue.

How to update APK without losing the data?

To update APK without losing the data, you don't need to follow anything extra. Click on the downloaded APK file and click the "Install" button. The app will update automatically without loss of data.

I am getting Play Protect warning while installing!

Why the download speed is slow?

The download link is not working?

Download Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK for Android

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