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Firestone Idle RPG Mod APK v1.59 (Menu: Damage, Speed Multiplier, God Mode)

Firestone Idle RPG Mod APK wishes you to be able to do well in your quest to be the strongest king. The battle with the enemy will be taut, and you need to mobilize forces to solve it completely.

Information of Firestone Idle RPG

22 Feb, 2020
Last version
Holyday Studios
Menu: Damage, Speed Multiplier, God Mode
Compatible with
with Android 5.1+
Google Play Link

About Firestone Idle RPG

Today, Firestone Idle RPG is one of the most sought-after super products and is growing strongly. This is a unique role-playing game; the player will be the king who has the right to rule all things of the country. However, life is not easy because of the strong attack from neighboring kingdoms; it seems that they want to take over my kingdom. This game will take place with a lot of significant challenges, and you need to use all your abilities to attack all those evil enemies.


In Firestone Idle RPG, the player will be a king with enough power and all around. Your kingdom is living in peace, and you will probably develop the kingdom in many respects to come. But now the enemies around are trying to take over everything that belongs to you and win this beautiful kingdom. However, you will not be left alone because you can stand up and fight and win back this takeover.

The first task you need to pay attention to is fighting all those big enemies. The game wants you to be able to bring out your full potential with the support of the game to make it a victory. The game provides you with optimal weapons such as spears, spears, or even universal swords that can cut everything. The game will also assist you in choosing the most decisive and most definitive squad.


The next thing you should do is find enthusiastic support from the heroes. Each hero participating will be a strong warrior who can defeat all significant enemies. Firestone Idle RPG yearns for you to be able to muster that power to attack all the enemies that appear in the kingdom. The game will also find you the intimate common ground between the heroes to draw the most necessary support.

After you have gathered solid warriors, you need to upgrade the weapon system and protect the warriors. Each person will have an ecstatic combat skill, and in some cases, they will be immortal. This game is the place for them to show their full role as well as their own combat experience. Therefore, allowing them to show their skills and experience is what the game wants most of you.


You will be given a series of maps of effective combat locations to create a great war. Players also need to follow their own groups of troops and fight all the enemies until the end. In particular, you must observe the amount of blood and the energy you have to avoid unnecessary losses. If you expend all your energy and strength, you need to get back to the starting position to channel the energy.

Firestone Idle RPG will show you which weapon to use to head the right situations. Players should also power up with teammates so that when they make powerful shots, their friends also gain strength. Players also need to upgrade the weapon system to serve the next war. Moreover, it would help if you were also mentally prepared to repel all enemies in many different forms. And it would help if you also stepped up to a new challenge to create an impression for the game.

The war in our kingdom is gradually coming to a complete end, and Firestone Idle RPG wants it to. The game wants you to be able to discover all the mysteries right here and discover more than your own abilities. The main thing is that the game will also provide you with a lot of support features so that you can unleash the fight without worrying about other problems. This game will add more great challenges for you to try and burn out.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to install Firestone Idle RPG _1.59 .apk?

Once you've downloaded the APK file, click on the downloaded file, then hit the "Install" button.

How to fix problems while installing/opening?

Make sure you have downloaded the file correctly. The downloaded file extension must end with .apk file. If you face any package install error, redownloading the file may fix the issue.

How to update APK without losing the data?

To update APK without losing the data, you don't need to follow anything extra. Click on the downloaded APK file and click the "Install" button. The app will update automatically without loss of data.

I am getting Play Protect warning while installing!

Why the download speed is slow?

The download link is not working?

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